Wine Storage at Citadel Palmetto Bluff

Citadel Self Storage in Palmetto Bluff has a dedicated wine storage room. This room is designed specifically to store wine collections at a proper and consistent 55 degrees and 70% humidity year round. The wine storage room has an additional security keypad and a redundant cooling system to ensure the integrity of the stored wine collections. Wine enthusiasts and collectors that don’t have a wine cellar or who have expanded their collection past their capacity, love storing their wine at our facility. The wine storage lockers vary in size – on the small end they can hold 32 cases of wine (typically, each case holds 6 bottles of wine). On the larger end, there are several walk-in wine storage closets that can hold 150 cases of wine each along with several sizes in between.

As part of our wine storage room, our facility offers wine delivery acceptance. If you rent a wine locker with us, our managers will gladly accept wine deliveries on your behalf and place them into your wine locker for safe keeping and notify you as well. Now is a perfect time to set up wine shipments from your favorite wineries across the country.

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Temperature controlled wine storage


Citadel @ Palmetto Bluff will offer wine storage units for wine enthusiasts

Wine storage with constant 55 degree temperature and 60% humidity

Back up cooler and back up generator to ensure the optimum conditions for wine storage

Wine Cellar will only be accessible to clients via secure individual passcodes and individual locks on each unit

Variety of unit sizes allow collections of 32 cases up to 150 cases to be securely stored

Available wine shipment acceptance service

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